Icons Not Showing Up on Preview in Blocs 3.5.1

I just updated to Blocs 3.5.1 and when I do a “Preview in Browser” (Chrome 84 in this case), the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Mail icons are replaced by square boxes.

In-app editing or with in-app preview, the icons look great:

In Chrome, they look like this…

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I have had a similar experience before, but not in BLOCS code. For my issue, there had been multiple folders and fonts had moved in the project. Make sure the CDN is correct, that there is not another stylesheet somewhere clobbering the one that BLOCs makes.

Sometimes, too - there are issues with browsers and how they load the CSS. Also, maybe check the order of how the stylesheets are loading, that could be where you can locate conflicts like multiple sheets. On some occasions, ad blockers and other extensions in chrome have been known to cause icons not to show up.

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Not just icons.
I’m using 3.5.1 and today I’ve had icons, pictures and whole blocs disappearing.
All fine in Blocs preview and browser preview, but when I upload somewhere, they’ve disappeared.

If you don’t see the icons or images, check the permissions and verify that all images and icons are in “644”, that can solve the problem.