Iframe as bg (body, blocs, brics..)

With increasing/coming animations (vids as almost 3d etc.), it’d be great for pure design purpose to be able to add iframe as bg.
No default of iframe in all extent (seo, ~“w3c” standards…), as serious lever for design and then creative possibilities for Blocs.app.

(Long 2023 collected wishes as 2024’s wishlist coming… ^^)


( I have to signal that a code widget goes 100% H & W only with the code editor (uneffective with all ôter WYSWYG’s ways) ; and thanks @Norm for the writting code popup (no mor having to go back when typing a class in the editor, was so annoying… yet easy flow…). )
Sorry have to correct : the Blocs margin container, no idea why margin 0px isn’t effctive in wysiwig (right frane as with a class) but ok with editor.

Border-radius uneffective on code widget (maybe it’s normal… ?), in wysywig as editor…