Iframe in a modal window

Hello Friends,

I’m working really hard to become a Bloc Head. I’m stuck on putting a iframe in a modal, it works good when I preview in browser but it doesn’t work when you preview in Blocs or on the live website. I gave each of the blocs a different id.

Inside the modal I put a Code Widget Content HTML Widget and put the iframe in that, the iframe uses a full url as the source https://mywebsite/somepage.php

When the modal windows pops up on the web server there is no content in it.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

Was able to figure it out, turned off lazy loading in the File > Project Settings and now the iframe load their content. Figured it out after seeing the lazing loading png file in the iframe window when opening the iframe in a new window.

Hope this helps out some one out there in Bloc land.

God Bless

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Great you got it sorted. Lazy Loading seems to cause a lot of problems. I never use it.

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