I'm so hyped

This just made my day. I’m so very excited for what Blocs v4 is going to bring us, especially for the WordPress integration. The day is coming :heart_eyes:


Where’s that from?

The Blocs newsletter

:tada: :tada: :tada:
:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


Now that there is a decisive date for Big Sur we will start to see a surge of release updates and overall new apps for the macOS. I noticed Sparkle is releasing their new version on the same day as Big Sur in 2 days. So let the app reveals begin, should be fun.


I really can’t wait !!!..not sure I can afford it now! but will start saving now !

Imagine if @Norm released it on Black Friday with a 50% discount hahaha!

@Eldar You surely are beta tester, aren’t you? Can we expect V4 tutorials shortly after or even with release of the new version? :grin: :upside_down_face:

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Same day :wink: :zipper_mouth_face:


I thought so… looking forward to those too :slight_smile:

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Hey @Norm - are the Blocs 4 teasers starting today as the email said? i keep checking ! Anyone seen any teasers anywhere as yet?!!

One feature a day, so yes something will be coming today

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yes a feature a day, we have a lot to show off but not as many days before we plan to ship :sweat_smile: so you might start to get 2 feature teases a day :rofl:


haha ! nice one !! Really looking forward to it.

From such a crap year i have had with my own business etc… my focus is now in this til some form of stability happens - and Blocs 3 and 4 will be a big part of that.

Norm - I do hope the transition from all the files and saves in Blocs 3 will transform nicely into Blocs 4! if not - could both be run side by side on a machine at the same time?..or am I diving into day 8’s feature before we have day 1’s…lol

I will keep a look out…nice one :+1: :+1:

Files should be ok, there are only a few items that may require some tweaking.

Also all of the testers have used both Blocs 3 and 4 on the same system, so they can live alongside each fine.

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If you would still need some testing on the WordPress features, just shout. Happy to help out with my expertise there…

The first feature released !!! and what a great one !! Been wanting this for a long long time !!!

Won’t say what it is, check out the twitter page !


Please post these teasers in here (forum) also. I refuse to do Twitter. @Norm

Twitter is public you can easily check it out without an account :sunglasses:

You can just check them without an account via https://twitter.com/blocsapp

being this post is now the main Blocs 4 release notes section ! thanks for @brechtryckaert for starting it!

Can I suggest something…and i know I keep banging the same drum - which I have asked before!!!

But this is directed straight to you @Norm:
Would you after many teaser posts like today, consider doing a LIVE!!! yes LIVE! exclusive demo of Blocs 4, maybe on Zoom and at the end we can type questions etc over? - make it passworded so only members of this forum have exclusive free ticket.

Then at the end of it, run the launch video of it - and announce its release then if not done before?

Bit like an apple keynote / product launch. Advertise on twitter etc for people to join the forum for the exclusive code, lets launch Blocs 4 into orbit! and create …(yes i know…i get a bit excited! but to be honest…I am !!!) doesn’t have to be a polished event - just us lot and see how the software will be from the teams who make it.

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