Image and Text next to each other - same height

Hi all,

would it be possible to have something like this in blocs:

Whatever I try… the moment I reduce the width of the browser, the image shrinks. I don’t want that to happen, but have the image fill the same height of the text bric until the text bric finally drops below the image.

Any way to do that?

Right, I was able to find a solution. Row with two columns - left one empty with a class set to show a background image, some padding on the right column with the text.

@pumpkin have you seen the following bric…

Since, you already found a way this may have some use for you down the road. It has come in handy in several occasions for me…

Here is video on how to use it…

@eagle Thank you. Tried that first. Didn’t work on images, at least for me.

Hey Pumpkin — Have you seen @Eldar training videos? There is a free one to get you going, and then premium ones that I couldn’t image learning blocs without.

You can find them in the blocs store.

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Yes, started watching them.