Image Comparison slider problem

Hi @Norm. I keep getting back the problem with the slider. I removed all several times and added the image comparison again and then it works for a while but after a while the problem returns. Really hope it can be solved as I have several in my portolio and have to remove all again and add the pictures again. It is a lot of work! Anyone else has the same problem?

You can not help me @Norm?

Removed all again and added all again. First it works and when I add the last one they all have the problem again! PLEASE HELP!!!

Are you giving each slider a unique ID?. If they don’t have a unique ID it may cause some confusion in the app. The ID is shown in the layers panel proceeded with a #.

Thanks for your help. Tried that too but will remove them all again and try one more time. Will let you know soon if it works

Great! got to keep trying. If all else fails, post your blocs project file, and let’s see what can be done.

Hi @Norm. Still every time I open my project the problem returns with the slider. Any idea why this is coming back? I give all a different id.

You would probably be better off filing a support ticket and supply as much information as possible, including the project file.

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