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Hi Blocs users.
Can you be kind enough to post me a link to ant sites built in Blocs with any form of an image slideshow or gallery please.
I will need to update my site soon and I want to know if I still need external plugins to achieve a quality gallery.
I currently use 3.

  1. Juice box Pro for most photo pages.
  2. Elfsight for an Instagram feed uploaded from my phone as I work, and
  3. 2 Masterslider plugins for my home page top slider and my home page feedback slider.

Home page

I can see I can build the accordion and modals in Blocs now, thankfully.
I am keen to see a good implementation of tabs also.

I’ve been crazy busy over the last year, but I’m still a keen Blochead.
Thanks, Andy

Can anyone show me a link with a slider or gallery please. I’d really like to see some.

Hi, @apswoodwork welcome back, it’s been a while. There really has not been a lot of advances in slideshows and galleries with the updates.

@Lucas has some nice third-party add-ons at
He has a nice owl slider and a new card slider.

The new Blocs store is scheduled to open next week and I would expect some new additions. There is a lot of new features with version 3. Modals, accordions, and tabbed brick and the ability to really create just about any layout you want. You can make a galley with tabs that you can click on the thumb and replace the gallery picture.

Hope this helps

Hi Casey.
Do you know a page that utilises tabs?
Yes, it’s been a while but for good reasons though.
I noted that I can add my modal and accordion in app so I don’t need to edit and add code in Brackets; that’s a good step up for me.
It’s a shame any galleries in app haven’t improved, that would be a backward step for me. As I’m a furniture maker, and it takes me ages to write and test code, but I end up with nice photo and feedback pages.
I’ll see what the store brings…
Thanks for the reply though,

Yes, I have a couple of pages that use tabs.
This is just a test gallery page. You could also use numbers instead of thumbnails.

This one is a live example that I used tabs to create a yearly calendar. Scroll down the page until you see the months.

The last example is a site I’ve rebuilt with blocs 3. I’m just waiting for my client’s approval to go live. I’ve used the tabs for past years event gallery.

Hope this helps…

Thanks Casey.
The tabs look useful, maybe they could replace a page or two, or long page scrolling assuming they won’t slow the page load down.
It looks like the slider is the only thing I need to wait for or add html and page code for now.
But those tabs;
. . . . mmmmm. . . .

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Hey Casey, how can I do this in Blocs