Image of bric full screen

Hi there… sorry for this new question but my love for blocs grows day by day.

In a bric I can set a background image full screen… ok everybody know :sweat_smile:

… but Is possible to set an image, code widget, or everything else fullscreen, in this way I can put the scroll down button or nav over my image or custom code widget.

I hope this image explains it better.

I’d like this not because I’m crazy… no wait I’m crazy… but this is another story. Anyway I have created a custom animation in code and I’d like to put this “fullscreen and under menu and scroll down icon”

Thanks to all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Sass,

Would this thread on using Keynote help you achieve that effect. Note the second sample. Easy Animations using Keynote

Hey. I’ve done something like that here and there (although the second use the very good custom bric Swiper 2). For the arrow, it is just custom class CSS with a negative margin.