Image presents on preview but not showing up when exported :(

I have an image that presents on preview but not showing up when exported :frowning:

  1. it shows up perfectly when I preview page in the browser
  2. using 3.23
  3. the particular file is on the server
  4. i use yummy ftp
  6. attached is a screenshot of my blocs

Hi @supasi

The image seems to have a blank space in the beginning of the filename.
That can often be translated differently on the web server than locally.
On the web server the image is now linked as “%20USTheBook.png”

Also a file like “My-Image.JPG” can be converted on the web server to “my-image.jpg” which sometimes can confuse things as the html code still use the first naming resulting on image not being loaded and displayed.

That could be worth checking :+1:



OMG Jakerlund, that was awesome and fixed it, thanks so much! For the life of me… I just couldn’t see that space at the beginning, sometimes it’s the small details that brings you undone.

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Not the case this time, but I have come across similar issues due to adblockers and this is particularly common if your images conform with particular banner sizes. I’ve also seen problems with missing icons that are blocked by the browser. Perhaps the worst was a Wix site where the entire page was rendered blank…

Kind of off topic but: I just looked at your site - looks great! But … the landing page took a really long time to load …

I’m located in Germany with a 400 mBit cable line

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Thanks Gary, yes it’s a problem I don’t know how to fix… I will go back over my images to see if I can trim them down more without loosing quality.

There are some good image optimizers for little or no costs. I like to use this one:

Real world example: I have an image that is 960x520 px and weighs in at 620 KB. After running jpegmini the image now has 122 KB.

And what I do is: first I publish my site as usual from Blocs. Then before I upload it, I open the “img” directory and just drag all JPGs onto jpegmini. Then I upload to the server. It’s an extra step but it doesn’t take that long …

Please be aware that jpegmini is only for JPGs and not PNGs GIFs etc.


Thanks Gary, I investigated some of these compression tools and from what i found is they strip and meta-data and copyright info, info I have found useful in the past re SEO and tracking image theft. Still looking for solutions, I will checkout jpegmini.