Image within text - like BS Media Object

Other than columns, what hacks do people use to create the effect of an image to the left or to the right of text?

I’m surprised there’s not a ‘Media Object’ Bric.

In Bootstrap 5 these (media object) are made with flex unlike BS4’s media and media-body class.

I will sometimes just use float-left for an image and a paragraph will wrap

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Just use Flex.


Awesome, thanks.

Interestingly, I find that if the image is set to Align Left, the ‘Float left’ method does not work.

Changing to Align center, or right, works as expected.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

Float left/right have been renamed in BS5 to float start/end. Not sure how Blocs handles this.

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Yeah that one. :rofl: float-start.

All the left and rights have been replaced with start and end in BS5.


ml-3 is now ms-3

Yes I can see in your video that the image is centered in the inspector. I find that if it is set to Left in the inspector is does not float left as expected.

I just set the width of the image.

Thanks. And how do you place an image inline within text?

Love the image ! favourite Disney character ! met him several times at Florida !

Good post @simonclay - this is something I find difficult at times - I end up using columns in the end but will keep an eye out here on what you all come up with.

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