Images all broken

Hey Hey

so I have not used Blocs in a while +/- 5 Months - so when I opened it updated to the latest version

I opened my site to remember what it looked like and exported and copied the site to my IIS server as normal

but this time all my images are showing as placeholders…I have no idea whats going on but the img directly is there with everything in place so I am not sure why this started

before I uploaded the images were fine

its just a little bit of fun for me but I feel like I have got backwards
if I do a view from blocs the images are appearing - permissions looks fine and the images were loading before I uploaded so I fee like a link has broken somewhere

any help would be great

strange found the exact issue as soon as I posted this - just my luck

disable webp and all fixed - is it worth me working out all the webp stuff to make it work? would I be losing a large amount of image feature because of this?

Which macOS version and browsers did you use?

That also happens to me (almost) every time with WebP.
I always disable it in the project settings now.

How many images are in your website 100s?

no not 100s, unless I really get into things and then it becomes photography aswell - I am guessing at this point it will make a difference

right now I have new issues of chrome and safari formatting now looking completely different when published :grinning: