Images & Emojies in Forum not loading

Just wondering if anyone else has this funny issue?!
Images and emojies of the forum are not shown on all browsers.
Macbook Air latest Mojave 10.14.4

Coming home I tested it on Macbook Pro / Sierra
Same - No images, no emojies

Seems to me as an issue on the side of discoursehosting.

Yes! It´s f…g discourse not being save at all.
Currently not working with all major browsers, not even reset password.
Holy Moly (that was friendly spoken)

Only solution here and solved for the moment.

OPERA is currently the only browser wich lets you rest your forum password and shows ok results on images & emojies.
NO Firefox, No Safrari (wich is perfect for a mac app - hahahahaha), NO Chrome.
All crap and everything is due to this horrib discourse wich is and has never been secure.
Thanks to all and let´s go for f-off discourse (give my datas to f…trump as long as you leave us in peace - I mean us not US).

Uff uff, what a Saturday
Wisch you all have a great weekend and yes US citizens still included :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Hhahaha I see my emois :heart_eyes: