Images in Blocs 4 theme for October CMS

Hi! I was just trying October CMS again (first time in some years). Seems to be an issue of images not showing. The links to the images is as this:

<img src="{{ 'assets/images/myimg.jpg'|theme }}" class="img-fluid mx-auto d-block lazyloaded" alt="myimg">

It seems the |theme part makes the web server return 404, so the entire theme s is quite reduced, no images …

No big deal for me, but I thought someone might like to know/fix this.
(I just learned that OctoberCMS has changed to a paid model, so not sure if I’ll bother using it, just wanted to check it out with Blocs 4.) :innocent:

October forked and the fork - WinterCMS is closer to the older version of October. The new version of October looks really good. Some great new features, but I haven’t had much chance to explore it yet. Or test it with blocs (was the reason I started using blocs a few years ago too).

No point and click installer anymore either.

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Oh, just tried WinterCMS. It’s more updated than the OctoberCMS version provided by Softaculous on some shared hosting. But my Blocs made theme wouldn’t work.

I guess I’ll just stick to Wordpress, then. Something like PulseMCS or SurrealCMS looks nice, but pricing is just off for my purposes. If I want to run a complex site, WP works well, but it would be nice for simpler site if I could just define a few editable parts for my clients, and that would be it. And this would also be where me using Blocs fits best.

Volt is a one time purchase without subscription that would work with any normal web host and would probably be ideal for what you described. It is a native solution, built specifically for Blocs and regularly updated with excellent support from @Jannis, plus there are lots of other users on the forum.

You can use Volt on as many websites as you like, so I would consider it an excellent investment.


Thanks for the tip! I just discovered Volt CMS, and I’m curious. I did try the online demo, but it’s not enough to give me a feel for it. I guess I’ll have to go through the tutorial/watch some videos. :slight_smile:
I only develop one or two such sites per year, usually for non-profits or people with not too much money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … So I’d need to make sure I’d actually end up using it before investing … :smiley: (WebDev is just slightly more than a hobby, not my main source of income.)

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One other point I would add for the benefit of others, is that to the best of my knowledge there are no active Blocs websites using Surreal. That doesn’t mean it is bad by any means, but having only heard it mentioned once or twice in five years I would guess you might struggle to obtain much help from the forum at least.

Pulse was used by various users, but I did recently see a post from a forum member suggesting that Pulse has effectively been abandoned.

For most of us I think it’s a straight choice between Volt and WordPress. If you don’t need the full power of WordPress, Volt is a no brainer.