Images in editing mode

Hello everyone, and first of all i appologize for my english if its not perfect, i’m not native speaker, i’ll try to do my best.

My problem :
I just started using blocs3 this friday and I think i understood the basics of Blocs, watching videos online, but i have an issue with image loading, actually when i put an image on my design, it show on the preview mode or browse viewing mode but not in editing mode which make it SO difficult to design- btw its the same for local webfonts -
If i put generic images (from the program itself - the ones that are already inside) it works, but if I import images it does not show.
In the videos I watched, people can see the images, logos etc they put in the blocs, so i think there is a problem with my set up and I can’t find what it is… Can you please help me with that ?

Hi Ludivine!

Are the image files located on the external drive?

Make sure you run Blocs from your main HD in the applications folder.

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Nope, but my hard drive is split with machintosh HD on the first part, and a files part 2 - I think this was it, because i try using an image from my desktop, it just work Is there any way to keep my files on their dedicated disk and app on mac HD on my split disk as I always do or do I have to work only on mac HD ?

Thanks for your answers.

Try moving the app to the same HD side as your Images.