Images not exported

Some images are missing in the export folder. In Blocs it looks fine but in the exported img folder the image file are missing.

I have actualy two pages with this problem. Very strange is that on one page I found a workaround. I create a hidden dupplicate of the image and then it works. But on the other page it doesn‘t.

Any ideas?

Thx Robert

Try with “Generate Webp” desactivated

Is you base one of the models ?

Are you using Sonoma?

That was happening with WebP in older versions of Blocs, but should be fixed now in theory.

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Same problem with deactivated Webp :smirk:

No, I am using Ventura 13.6 (22G120) and Blocs 5.1.3

I have the same problem, one image in the project will not export.
No matter jpg or WebP
Please we need help here

I’d resave it, call it something different making sure there are no odd characters in the name, make sure it’s RGB format, re-import into Blocs, turn off WebP in your export settings and go from there.

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As above, any special characters in the file name?

I will try a new name, I will update …