Importing a large video to the page?

If you bring the video to the page via Local/Remote or Asset Manager, what should you consider? The size of the video is 900 MB.

Actually not at all including it into Blocs assets, but rather upload it via a FTP application.

Or even better use Vimeo/Youtube.

I hate Youtube because when the video ends, the next one can be anything. Vimeo has been used on my own page and I liked it, but the annual price was too high for me. Now that I do volunteer work for a couple of small museums, I can’t afford it.

Why is the video that large? Is it correctly compressed?

Hi @kaalha

Jannis is spot on here. I use a lot of videos on my websites and that is a large video so maybe sticking the into Handbrake or something similar to make it smaller or best of all put this into either You tube or Vimeo.

Vimeo is free up to 1gb, so could create an account for it. If you are building this website for a client and they want to add more - just charge them the annual fee for vimeo and mark this up for your time to manage it too…but if it’s for you own personal use then just use the free vimeo if you can upload that size in one go.

Failing that then FTP as @Jannis has said.

Good luck ! - please post your website if you’re able to at the bottom once done which will be great for users to see how you finalised your question…this is if you able to of course.

I probably didn’t know how to pack. I have published it as it is on the museum’s fb page and facebook is packing. Not everyone has Facebook, so you have to publish on the website.
I’ll try to edit the video to make it shorter.

Hi @kaalha - no need to shorten the video itself, make the file smaller - I use Handbrake.

I made a 45mb video last week down to 7.5mb and still looks crisp.

Its a free download too.

Thank you. I’ll try the handbrake right away.

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I tried the handbrake and it worked well. The files were reduced by more than half.
You can see the results on this page: The files were reduced by more than half.
You can see the results on this page:

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