In between breakovers?

Greetings all! Simple perhaps stupid question by a newbie. What do you do, when things line up correctly, except in between breakpoints, when things go off the rails… is there a way to add breakpoints? (Like iPad Pro horizontal)?

If not, what is the best way to kind of make sure things don’t go wonky between the four breakpoints?

Example site -

The second bloc from the top (with the blue background and Vimeo video) are my troublemaker. On the four breakpoints the bloc isn’t cut off, but in between some of them it is!

Any ideas? THANKS!

I’m not seeing any issues. The thing to remember about breakpoints is that they are designed to kick in based on the size of the viewing screen. In almost all cases, particularly on mobiles and tablets, there is no option to resize the browser window, so there is no issue. With desktops and laptops, there is the ability to resize browser windows but people do not generally resize to see if they can break the layout. I think it’s such a rare occurrence as to be not worth trying to fix it. That said, resizing a browser window within average tolerances doesn’t seem to cause an issue - not on my computer anyway.