Include a PHP page


I would like to create a blog and use this script:

But when i create a PHP page in Blocs and put this code <?php include("the_link_to_the_blog.php"); ?> in a HTML-widgtet nothing is shown. I test it locally with Mamp.

The way, the developer describes, who to include the Blog is in the admin panel.

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

Did you go through setting up the MySQL?
Did you upload ALL the files?

This is the help info I found to install the purchased package:

My PHP Option “allow_url” was set to OFF. Now it works, but the layout on my site is not the same like in the example.

Example here:

And on my site:

Any ideas?

This is happen because you haven’t uploaded and installed the script into your server, but you take the script from the demo of

Some of the links in the blog script have relevant path and not absolute path.

For example the static css styles that are placed in style.css file have relevant link:

Once you upload and install the script on your web server you will be able to use it’s all features.

This is some kind of protection of Blog script, because if all the paths are absolute someone could use your blog and place it on its page.

Yes - that is exactly what the developer wrote me last night.

So i’ll try next time on my own webspace.

But when it works good, i think this is a good example for made a blog in blocs :wink:

Thx to all “helpers” :grinning: