Index page select, page navigator in groups, multi language at one page, video reel playlist and many more

How to change index page?

How to manage pages in groups?

Need more menu features, such as goto page scroll to target from other page.

And add multi functionality to buttons. For example 2-3-4 actions on one button!

How make multi language pages? (if its possible to create only one page and just add change modes) So design will be the same. This one is faster than my web designer doing with 3 same pages… To make 1 change… we do 3 changes…

Asset manager must be easier and with search function, batch rename, batch compress. Also it would be great, if there will be sorting types. For example sort by pages, by folders, name etc.

Video abilities extremely low… it would be great to create video playlists (even if i manually split video into 5 mb videoclips)

also it would be great to add some features to the web engine. For example module which test connection speed and after will select compression video level (rather its low, middle, high) - this will help open page faster.

every time i will visit to my web designer, i will write some features, which is great to be add.

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