Info on CSS + freehand classes


I have a few CSS classes that I don’t know to which elements they are applied to. Is there a way to know this? Plus, when I use the same CSS class on multiple elements Blocs asks me if I want to transform it into a Freehand class. What is that?


The best method is to name them accurately in the first place and not just rely on the one that Blocs creates. If you click on elements in the layer navigator it tells you which custom classes are applied.

In the specific case you mentioned that must have been a freehand created custom class that was created for a single item, but now being applied manually to others and the advisory popup is quite normal. Just click to confirm you are happy adding it as a freehand custom class.

Sorry, I didn’t understand the second part of your answer… if I create a CSS class and I know that I will apply that class to multiple items should I make it freehand or not? What is the difference between a standard CSS class and a freehand one?

Thank for helping me!

In practical terms it will rarely matter, which you choose. A freehand class is created by dragging the margin on the canvass by hand, as opposed to a normal custom class that is created by first giving it a name and then editing inside the class editor.

I suppose a freehand class is essentially more limited in scope at the outset, however it can subsequently be edited inside the class editor. Very often it’s just faster and more intuitive creating freehand classes if your objective is to work with spacing on the page, but I use both equally and never worry about how they were created.

There will be times when you can set up a single class to carry out multiple tasks and other times when you want a class with a very limited scope. That is down to you as the designer.

ahh… I also wondered about this. It may have something to do with the name? It feels creative and free. As if I say NO, I won’t be able to alter it, and if I say yes, it can be different on all other places on my site…
Wonder off freely whilst I’m working on another item. Go out for coffee with someone … being totally free and ignore everything else that is set in style. But its just another style-class.