Inline SVG Custom Bric - Hover state

Hi @Norm

Really like the new Inline SVG Custom Bric available on the Blocs Store.

I would really welcome a future iteration with the possibility to have an alternate SVG or be able to style it for the hover state.

And interaction for adding a link.

Many thanks.


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Then you will also want a link.

That would be nice, I’ve played around with SVG bric and it’s cool. Having the ability to change colors on the fly is nice. I’m just wondering if it’s faster or am I able to just make my icons the way I want (colors, backgrounds) in Affinity and just export them. If I’m making icons I normally have the color pallet on the canvas. I’m not used the new bric enough to really pass judgment.

MDS you do make a very valid point. Even using images it would be nice to have an easy roll-over image. Yes, you can use a button but it takes some work. The new image overlay bric works great for overlays.

What’s the old saying, “the more we get the more we want” :joy:


Yes this is possible

I have never used a svg image. Do I basically upload an svg image to my server, link it, then edit it directly from blocs? Or is this incorrect?


Hi Gary @webdeersign

Indeed, forgot to mention that as well. :laughing:


Hi @bourne

Either you use the SVG just as an image, adding it to the Asset Manager and using an image bric. Or you use the Inline SVG free bric and copy paste in the SVG code.


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Thanks @MDS

Thanks for your explanation. Are there any good sources for the SVG codes?