Input form not working

When the form is used, the e-mail does not arrive. You will receive a notification that the message has been sent successfully. Inquired with the hosting company and this is their answer:

I’ve looked at the source code of the input form, and the reason it doesn’t work is because it uses PHP’s mail function. It is easier to use an SMTP connector from your Office365 mail server. Moreover, the emails will never be regarded as spam because the Office365 mail server is the official mail server of

Did the test with another hosting company and it works there.

Here you find the form:

How can I get this solution related to SMTP connector what they suggest. Didn’t eat cheese about this matter :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

Some hosting companies disable PHP Mail and require you to use SMTP. Blocs forms don’t use this method. SMTP requires authentication, you can make the PHP script yourself plenty of example online.

Oops, as mentioned, I’m a novice at this and really wouldn’t know what to look for to make it work anyway, do I need to prepare something in blocs so the hosting company can do the rest? :upside_down_face: :blush: :wink:

I have had the same issue when using office 365. The only way (to my knowledge) is to use a third party for handling your forms.

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Third party is the easy solution. If you don’t want to get your fingers dirty.

I can recommend THIS SCRIPT. This will allow you to create many different types of contact form which you can easily embed in your website. There are a number of additional features that you may like - for example, an upload field and a built in captcha. It also allows you to email via SMTP or PHP - your choice. The price is about 17 Euros so it could be well worth the small price. All responses are also added to an online database so you can access all your responses in one place.

And here is a screenshot of the form creation interface. It’s a simple drag and drop system. Drag the fields you want into the form area and supply any additional parameters for each field type.

The additional parameters required for each field are displayed in a panel at the side of the screen when a field is selected - like this:

When the form is saved, just grab the code that the app generates and paste it into a code bric in your site.

By the way, this is a totally self-hosted solution on your website so none of your contact information is being sent to third party service providers. You will need a hosting account with mySQL and PHP facilities.

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Office 365 doesn’t likes dirty fingers. :grin:

That sort of worries me. What happens when you design a simple customised form in Blocs?

Hi @Jerry, hope you’re well, you actually helped me with the form I created, here is the reference:-

Thanks guys :grinning:
@ hendon52 Thanks!

365 is a nightmare with php.

I had over 20,000 delegates use my php forms for registration in last 3 weeks and we test and test like crazy as they need to send in the form, and get a reply back and the php must email admin and admin accepting them - and the delegates being emailed again to be accepted in their registered conference/event.
All this is done in sitelok with the brilliant support from Adrian who is a bit of a genius to be fair and helped me when clients have some strange ideas!

Regarding blocs, I guess there is no way this can be made to support SMTP or is this down to my host? @Norm

I’ve not had a problem with forms in blocs to be fair.

I am wondering if there is a simple procedure to enable PHP on AWS to enable forms to work. Any online references pertaining to this will be appreciated.

I’ve realised that it may not be that simple as a goole search reveals that PHP needs to be installed on AWS, it may not be a simple control panel setting.

AWS has very thorough documentation online.

Hi @hendon52 - THIS SCRIPT seems like a really useful tool. I wish someone would build this as a bric in Blocs and the process would be integrated and the form can be stylised within Blocs.

Using that tool, I suppose it is possible to style the form so that it matches the design of the site. Love the interface.

Thanks @Malachiman - I’ll look deeper into it.

@Samazar There are some basic styling options built into the interface, but you do have the option of adding further styling by editing the html code generated for each form.

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