Instant page

Do people have views on this?

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Not seen this before but I shall try it.

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@Chiefsub68 did you test it? Does it really work?

I haven’t had chance. I work in print and I’ve been mad busy!

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I tried this and found it hard see any real difference. A bit of digging turned up this alternative, which I gather comes from Google.


That one looks interest @Flashman.

Heaps of options too, I might try it out. It’s made by Google Chrome Labs.

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I’ve been using instant page for a few weeks, I host it locally rather than on their servers. From what I can see on statcounter replay, it does work quite nicely on browsers where link prefetch is enabled as standard (chrome & edge) and looks to have reduced my FID a little for page experience.

I think safari requires prefetch to be enabled in the developer menu.