Integrate Printify into a Blocs website

Hi everyone.

Has anyone used Printify before with a Blocs website?

It seems as though Printify likes to connect through a storefront (like Etsy or Shopify), but it is possible to connect directly into your site. This is the route my client would like to take.

I’ve had a couple of emails with them and pointed in different directions - but it’s all ‘words’ about ‘stuff’ and I just don’t understand it. Time enabled user generated tokens etc.

I was just wondering if it’s actually quite simple and it’s the in-depth phrases being used by them to make it seem harder than it is, that was putting me off.

TIA Trev

That would be creating a custom solution with their API.

Basically it’s a REST API that returns a JSON that you then take to populate the information on the page. AKA, you are hand coding everything. Using an integrated solutions is much easier and better budget wise.

You can do this in Blocs (I have with the YouTube API). But if you don’t know what it is, using a different solution could be an answer or you outsource it.

I know Ecwid will handle POD with Printful, if they are open to using a different POD.

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Cheers @Malachiman, there were ‘words’ about ‘stuff’ in that answer!

Funnily enough, the I’ve just suggested the Ecwid/Printful route to him this afternoon as he already uses Ecwid to take bookings for courses. That looks easier to me.

I await his reply with bated breath!

Thanks for the reply.

It should be an easy sell if they are already familiar with Ecwid.

Although that comes down to the POD costs and products if it matches what they want to do. You can’t suggest they shift their model based on “words and stuff” :joy::joy:

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