Internal links anchor text

So I’ve searched the forum for this and not really found an answer for this, but does anyone know how to solve this with Blocs, I’ve tried adding the #home and giving the blocs an id etc but nothing has worked so far.

For anyone wondering this is the website in question:

Anyone got any idea’s for this?

I did look at one of my sites and I did have the same errors. I wouldn’t be that concerned it does say “recommendations”. I really don’t know how to fix these either.


I had to check how I do this in Rapidweaver to work it out. I think you solve this in Blocs by creating a link to an internal or external page. With that link selected go to the side panel and create a custom attribute.

Make the Name “title”

Now make the value whatever you like to describe the page.


When you hover over the link with the cursor in preview that link will have description text.


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So we have to do this for every internal link, or just once per page?

RW does this automatically…adds the title field to all links

If it was in a global area I guess it would automatically replicate, otherwise it should be done for each link. Incidentally, you should not do what I showed in the example by using the same text as the page link. The value should have been something more descriptive like: link to more information about this website.

Rapidweaver makes this easier to understand by having the custom attributes option as part of the link options.


Oh man, this is going to take days!

And RW would do this automatically when linking

No you still have to do this manually in Rapidweaver. It’s just that it is easier to understand from the interface what needs to be done and this wasn’t at all obvious in Blocs. I didn’t know myself without having access to Rapidweaver for reference.

You can see here how I’ve added various attributes to an external link:


For the record, there are lots of areas where Rapidweaver is slower, much slower…

Doesn’t matter, but RW does do it automatically, at least for internal page links. I have never added the title field in RW and all links have it applied. But don’t really have links to outside of my site.

RW certainly never added title tags automatically on my sites. I’ve just checked a couple and it added the title, but not the value, so nothing appears unless you add it manually.

I’ll have a play with this later. Thanks @Flashman