Introducing Blocs for iPhone 🚀

Packed with everything you need to build a premium quality website and publish it to the web, Blocs for iPhone truly is a marvel, a web design powerhouse, in your pocket.

To celebrate this special announcement, we made a little promo video:

We also made this guided tour video which walks you through the basic controls of this exciting new version of Blocs:


This looks great! Congrats :clap:


Amazing. Well done!


Wow! Very cool. :+1:

Rich the Weather Guy


Brillant! You’ve packed all that into an iPhone app!
This is going to be a game changer for iPhone web developers. For me, since I have oversized hand, I won’t be building websites with an iPhone.

Give it a try later this week, you might be surprised. We have built in some useful features to help with element selection.

It’s surprisingly easy to use.


I do not have an iPhone. Just a MacBook Pro.

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Next stop - Apple Watch!!!

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@Norm is great. You are impressive in making build blocs for iPhone

Congratulations :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you, Blocs for iPhone hopefully gives you another way to build your amazing Blocs templates on the go!


Do you support the preview of PHP pages in the iPhone app also?

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Yeah, the iPhone version of Blocs is the same source code as the iPad, the interface is just tweaked and adjusted for the smaller screen sizes, kinda like how we adjust our websites in Blocs for mobile browsers.

This also means if Apple ever introduce folding phones or tablets, This version of Blocs can now switch between a compact mode (mobile), Tablet and right up to a desktop mode if a monitor is attached, all from one version of Blocs.

You’ll be able to take it for a spin soon.


For everyone who would like to take it for a spin, the beta testing of Blocs for iPhone has officially started.

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Might want to upgrade from my iPhone XR for a bigger screen size with Blocs lol

We tested Blocs for iPhone on a wide range of iPhones, everything from the iPhone 15 Pro, down to the iPhone SE and even old devices such as the iPhone X. Even on a small SE screen (which still has a home button) we found the experience of editing and building pretty good.

But the more modern and bigger the screen the better the experience.


Just a thought, but would it be possible to use Blocs on iPhone with an external keyboard and display?

I suspect the processor on my iPhone 14 Pro Max is likely quite a bit faster than my intel mini, so the idea of being able to move around, then plug into peripherals for the added workflow benefits would be interesting.

Yeah this is sort of possible and very likely to be possible in the future.

During development we did a little work on external display support and managed to get the iPhone app displayed on an external display (when plugged in) looking very close to the Mac version, regarding interface layout. However, we couldn’t get a mouse to reliably connect to the phone and the window interactions would also need some work. So it’s currently disabled in the iPhone beta.

It’s a hunch, but I think Apple may bring Stage Manager to its pro iPhones in the future. As you mentioned, these little computers are technically more powerful than desktop computers in some cases.

I have an iPhone 15 pro that I was opening 1gb Blocs projects with, projects that wouldn’t open on some iPads and took minutes to open on older Macs. My iPhone opened them in seconds and didn’t show any signs of slowing down. :exploding_head:

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