Introducing The Blocs Academy

Today we are introducing the Blocs Academy, a dedicated learning resource for all Blocs users.

Filled with premium (ad-free) video tutorials that you can access online and also from within the main Blocs application (V4.4).

We know that there is already some incredible advanced learning content produced by members of the Blocs community and we hope to bring their free learning content onto the academy going forward.

The Blocs Academy joins the Blocs Knowledge Base and 3rd party services such as Blocs Master to form a solid learning foundation for all Blocs users.


This is just FANTASTIC news!
I took a quick look and I can not applaud you guys enough for bringing this to us, free of charge!


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Everyone who visits Blocs for the first time has the chance now to find out how this app works.
My suggestion: the Academy should be reachable from the Blocs welcome screen like Documentation, Store etc.


Yeah its in the footer notes and the learning page which is linked to from the home page.

no I mean here - somewhere …


Absolutely agree with Bootsie. Would be great to have it right there on the splash screen.

I wonder if Academy is the right word choice there. Should it be tutorials?

Perhaps the new project window could be expanded to include the same links that might have been missed on the splash screen.

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 12.54.56

Thank you @Norm so much, this is brilliant! :smile:

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This will be a great resource!

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Norm what software are you using to create the video? Just curious because I love the quality

We use a few, Adobe After Effects, Premier and Clean shot.

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This is really nice! Can we add accessibility?