Introducing the SMOOTH Components Collection 🎉

What are SMOOTH Components? They’re your next-level design elements, meticulously crafted to take your website from ordinary to extraordinary. These aren’t your average blocs; SMOOTH Components are designed to seamlessly blend into your projects, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics with ease. Imagine being able to import high-quality, versatile blocks into any project with just a double-click on a .BEX file. That’s right, instant integration into your Blocs library, ready to elevate your web design.

How does it all work? We’ve navigated the complexities of Blocs to bring you a straightforward solution. Each SMOOTH Component leverages Javascript hosted on Cloudflare’s robust servers. Forget the hassle of embedding custom code; a simple link addition to your project is all it takes to activate these dynamic components.

And there’s more – SMOOTH Components come in both FREE and premium versions. :star_struck:

The Free Version offers core functionality with essential Javascript and CSS, powered by Cloudflare’s CDN for swift and secure access.

The Premium Version is where true magic happens. Dive into an extensive CSS library and customize to your heart’s content, ensuring your project stands out without any restrictions on modifications.

“SMOOTH FAQ” – Unveiling the Premiere SMOOTH Component to Revolutionize Your Dropdown Menus!
Dive into a realm where elegance meets functionality with our inaugural SMOOTH Component, the “FAQ”. This isn’t just any dropdown menu; it’s a game-changer designed to elevate user engagement and aesthetic appeal on your website. Experience smooth transitions, captivating highlights, and the flexibility to incorporate links into each dropdown, enhancing navigation and user experience. Transform your site’s FAQ section from standard to standout, effortlessly. Embrace the future of web design with our “SMOOTH FAQ” Component – where sophistication and simplicity converge.

Small Potato Ltd - 2024

Kickstart your journey with our debut Library Bloc. Grab the free version or unlock the full styling potential for just $5 via our Gumroad account.

Transform your web design experience with SMOOTH Components today – where simplicity meets sophistication.


Brilliant Work! Thank you!

Can the files also be hosted locally instead of via cloudflare?

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I think that is enabled through the premium version.


Hi @Jerry
Sounds great :upside_down_face:
But like @wolfganghofer ask - is it possible to implement the css and js direct in blocs app ? Because in Germany there are strong rules. For example I use Elfsight and it’s the same way - I implement the script tag in blocs app and I will get the code from the Elfsight servers. I have to bloc this with a cookie consent banner and change the terms of use and so on … :grimacing:
Cheers Tom


Hey @tom2


Hi @PeteSharp

I only read the word “think” :grinning:
Not sure if its correct what @Flashman said :grin:
I will buy it then I will see

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Read the OP it explains it there :smile:

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Read ?! What’s that ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

No surprises there :rofl:

oh that’s hard … I have to go now and cry :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Yes, it’s available for the premium version, but not for the free version, unfortunately.


If you’re concerned, take the premium version, which only sets you back $5. However, Millions of websites are using CDN so not sure how this would affect GPDR in Europe.

Sure … I will buy the premium version. It’s possible to use it …. It’s allowed. But you have to do a few things with the cookie consent and privacy policy and so on …

And so it’s simpler to use the code inside blocs app … that’s it

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In other words, it is not allowed to use a CDN in any way, if you are not ask for explicit user consent. At least in Germany.

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Exactly. And if possible, I build websites without cookie banners. My clients really appreciate that.

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