Invisible reCAPTCHA


BricsDesign has just launched another product for the Blocs community.

Invisible reCAPTCHA - Add Google’s new reCAPTCHA to your forms

Provides a simple and modern way to prevent spam bots from submitting in your Blocs contact forms.
No checkbox to enable, just an easy-to-use image captcha.

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It’s nice to see that someone is attempting to address the issue of form spam, but is reCapture really the way to go? I know it’s great business for Google because it allows them to add even more tracking code onto web users, but ultimately, it’s not the best defence against spam - particularly now that it is without a challenge. Machine learning (which is what invisible reCapture uses) means that determined spammers will come up with machine generated bypass methods.

I feel a better thing to develop would be a new form bric that can included hidden fields which can be set to pre-filled values or must remain empty. There should also be an option to direct forms to external form scripts, many of which now have some fairly nifty spam detection.

That said, I have to admit, the only spam received from the Blocs form script comes from the manual form-fillers sitting in front of a computer screen. Spam-Bots don’t usually get very far with a Blocs form because the email address is well hidden and most spam bots harvest email addresses.

On the rare occasion I’ve received spam from a Blocs form, it only inconveniences me - the form script doesn’t appear too susceptible to acting as a spam gateway which could affect thousands of other people.

To use a real belt and braces method of dealing with the manual spammers (which is where the real problem lies with website forms) is to have the form direct to a cloaked email address before being forwarded to a real email. By doing this, if the volume of spam becomes a real problem, just change the cloaked email address on the website form and delete the old one.

Anyway, I’m sure some may find it useful, but I’m wondering how many Blocs websites have been badly affected by spam?


Hey Bill Thanks!
I grabbed one while they were hot!


@tjones - thanks - everyone’s support is appreciated !

@hendon52 - I can kind of see some your objections, but I would like to give some more info & my reasons for doing this:

  • First & foremost, it does have an effective challenge - that would be the image/audio captcha matching - bots can’t make the leap to understand which random image to click.

  • ‘Honey traps’ or non-filled in inputs are the old way to detect bots & those can easily be detected by the bot looking at the styling & avoiding those traps. I thought about putting one in but, due to it’s inherit weakeness & the new captcha will already block those bots, it seemed a mute point.

  • If you have a real concern about human spammers, then sure, set up a ‘spam’ email on your hosting account & use that directly in the form. Then, as you say, if it becomes a problem, change it.

  • Invisible reCAPTCHA is an easy way to deal w/ the next generation of spam bots that DO submit to website forms, i.e. they are turning to this method, ‘through the back door’, as they’ve already been blacklisted through typical isp blacklisting methods.

It’s meant as a useful tool for your web design ‘toolbox’. :smiley:



Has this been tested to work across all devices and browsers? Seems like it’s one good and fairly clean way to deal with spam for clients.

I don’t mind using Google and or Bing because we use Webmaster and analytics tools on all clients websites for various reasons.



Sure, I tested it on all the major browsers & devices. Take a look at my home page, if you want to test it on something.



Hi Everyone,

I just released v1.1.0 of Invisible reCAPTCHA.
This update corrects a bug that prevented submittal after validation alerts were corrected.

All customers should of just received an email from me w/ a download link.




cool! This great work!