iPad shows wrong size: footer and header scaled down

Hi folks,
Big problem. Header and footer image are not displayed in full width on the ipad?
Have it to test uploaded.

However, it is displayed correctly in 1) Blocs, correct in the 2) Blocs preview, and also in the 3) preview of the Safari + FF browser.

What do I have to adjust so that I always have 100%. Is also displayed correctly when building.

Here a screnshoot . Image and size 1200 px.

Hi, @Piet. Anywhere live?

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Hi Jerry, customer doesn’t want to go officially online yet, that’s why I’m sending you by email.

Looks like there’s a class which sets image width to 600px.

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Thanks you saved my day! It is probably so that I had set a 2 image resolution. Since it wasn’t completely deleted, he pulled it in.

It’s just strange that the entire preview didn’t show my mistake.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 14.24.52

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