Is it easy to add/delete items from a Blocs site (like a product for sale)?

Sorry, just trying to wrap my head around this, but say I have a product that I want to have on my site. This product is something that I plan on making/selling in small batches. Would it be easy to replace/remove the item once it’s sold? Is it a matter of removing just that page, or does the entire site need to be updated?

Also, is there a way I can make Blocs tell customers that it’s out of stock when someone purchases it, or is that something that a third party plugin needs to do (if so, what would do something like that?)


There are several ways you could do this. You could hide the item (visibility), remove item or if it has it’s own page you could delete the page. All three choices you would have to save project and them upload to your server. (just like any other changes)

Blocs does not have this type of feature but third parties would have this. I think even a simple paypal cart can have a inventory feature.


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Thank you!!