Is it me, or a glitch?

I’ve got sections of my webpage which ‘slide open’ using a Toggle Class, by clicking on the ‘MORE INFO’ buttons.

When building the page I set my Toggle Class to ‘Default’ so I can see the ‘hidden’ sections. The ones with the trash can icon on them.

When publishing I set it to ‘None’ so they are hidden, until revealed by clicking on the ‘MORE INFO’ buttons.

But now I can only get this to work in Blocs itself on the LG setting, see first photo.

On MD, SM and XS the ‘hidden’ section no longer appears, which means I can no longer edit the appearance of the ‘hidden’ sections, see second photo.

Is it me? With the Toggle settings the same, I would have expected visibility of the ‘hidden’ sections to be the same as in LG.

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Did you recently upgrade blocs? What happens when you close and reopen the project, does it still happen?

Hi, sorry, @Malachiman I didn’t get a notification of your reply!

Yes, up to date on Blocs and happens all the time, whichever Blocs version, and on multiple builds of the website.

Opening / closing has no effect.

Maybe @Norm can help as it’s preventing me from editing non-LG versions?

What are the visibility settings in the sidebar for the items?

These settings will also effect the class editors display settings.

Hi @Norm, all the ‘hidden’ sections are viewable by all devices, if that’s what you mean?

The arrow points to a ‘hidden’ section which is only visible in Blocs at the LG breakpoint.

Have you checked that the exported style sheet has the right css?

Hi @Malachiman, sorry but I don’t understand that at all!

What has exporting got to do with visibility whilst designing?

@Norm - I’ve discovered that if I set Toggle Class visibility to Block I can see the hidden areas in MD, SM and XS.

But, if I then try to make changes in MD, SM and XS views, they are universal, i.e. no automatic custom classes are generated.

(Also - this was the original cause of me wanting to make changes - I’ve discovered that image frames are behaving differently in MD, SM and XS compared to LG. See images. I like the white border in LG, but it is grey in MD, SM and XS. Is there a fix for this?)



@Norm - any thoughts?

a) Can only see ‘hidden’ sections in LG

b) Photo frame is only white in LG

I can send you the project if you like, 36 MB.