Is it possible ? normal sticky header behave like hero sticky header

Hi all

would like to achieve a fixed sticky header that performs the same way as the hero sticky header on a multiple page site. can it be done (code etc). tried a hero bloc in content area and deleted all content in the divs but it still produces the padding :frowning:

any help would be appreciated


This has already been discussed previously on another topic, it may be helpful! look at this link:

@nelo I have tried the code as per your previous post and this works better in safari than using the sticky header in the bloc (no jumping of header when page scrolls) but it is not quite what I was wanting to achieve. When you use a hero bloc and the header is sticky when the page scrolls up the nav smoothly transitions down to its fixed position. That is what I was looking to achieve on all pages without using hero blocs on all pages.