Is it possible to add new pictures to the device bloc?


We’re evaluating Blocs by moving an old hand built and managed website to it. So far, so good. We’ve accomplished a massive amount of work in about 15 mins. We know HTML and JavaScript very well but haven’t even bothered to use any as so far its been pretty painless.

One area we are trying to understand is the Device Bloc.

All the pictures are Apple devices, which is brilliant, but 50% of our customers are Android and presenting an iPhone device for an Android download doesn’t strike us as a good idea…

We can see in style.css the class entry for blocsapp-device-iphone6 which loads in img/Apple-iPhone-6s-Rose-Gold.png.

Our working assumption is that we would basically clone this CSS section and make it for an Android device (of the right dimensions), but as far as we can see this would need to be wholly done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript under the hood as there’s no way to configure the Blocs program to do this directly. Whilst we could do this, its a lot of fuss and things might break in the next version of Blocs as we’re doing ‘unusual’ things.

Any help or guidance very much welcomed and thanks for the great program


Hi @rwillett Rob,
Until another solution is available.
If you use the device bloc you could just delete the device and end up with an empty column and you can use any image you want. Or simply start with a two column layout from the start and build it as you want.


@Eldar sent me this link for transparent devices. You can download and make your own. You can also optimize them for all screen resolutions. The brick templates uses what ever size image you tell it to use. I ended up redoing the ones on my site with @1x to @3x images. A little more work but the site will load faster and they still look great.

You can take a look at mine here.

Link to the images.



Thanks for the tips. Let me have a think about them and what we do.

Best wishes,


After a little looking I found this page on the forum

I think that I could now insert an HTML Bric into the page, add my own CSS files and if needed JavaScript files as per the forum page above, and have a solution that works with the Blocs philosophy that won’t get trashed.

I may get chance to drop this today, but more likely the weekend.