Is it possible to sticky the whole top global section?

I am evaluating the trial program to see if it will be useful to me. So far it is looking like I will be buying it. I love the ease of use.

I’m trying to add a company strapline with a navigation menu beneath it and I want both to be sticky at the top of all pages. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to add text to a navigation menu bloc, only an image. (there is an option for text in the navigation pre-sets but this is to the side of the nav bar and I need it to be above). I can make an image but I prefer to have text in order to use text effects (and I can’t find a way to size the image for different screen sizes). If I insert text as a bric or as a bloc it cannot be made sticky and it scrolls up with the rest of the screen contents but not before it jumps below the nav bar as it starts to scroll which is messy.

Hi @sket12

Here’s a quick way to replace the image with text but it’s a bit fiddly.

You can add text above the image and then delete the image.
If you try drop text and miss and don’t see the blue drop line above the image, go out of drop mode, select the menu and then reselect the image and go back into Drop Mode (D) again.

Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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