Is Paddle worth the reputational damage?

Guess what! Its now been 4 days since I ordered another copy of Blocs4+ and still I haven’t received even an order acknowledgment, let alone the software. I did report the issue to Blocs Support and whilst they haven’t got back to me, they clearly contacted Paddle to report the issue. Today, I finally contacted paddle myself to complain and within minutes they responded by “ticking me off” for duplicating the complaint. They offered up a list of standard things that SHOULD happen when an order is placed, which clearly is fairly useless. I didn’t get much in the way of delivery schedule other than asking to remain patient.

Tomorrow will be day 5 so I’ll see what happens then. Meanwhile, I would like to suggest to @norm that he considers an alternative payment method which won’t taint his reputation. In this day and age, bank transfers via internet banking apps are virtually instant, so it may be a nice idea to consider this payment method as an additional option. Had that been available to me, I could have placed my order, sent funds from my bank and received my download in the space of about 2 hours. Just food for thought!

We’ve all been there, it’s so frustrating. Especially when you get “try this”… I hope it gets worked out soon.

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I’m not sure why this would happen?
When I purchased blocs I paid online and immediately received the key
No delay whatsoever or else issues.

Paddle is used for several sites and products as well I’m on it for affiliate marketing and never had any issue (well, touch wood: not yet)

Perhaps this is related to the payment method (card issuer) you use?

I am using Paddle myself, and I am very pleased about their service.

Most of the times these standard things will help you, the customer.

Paddle is not a payment method. It is a reseller.


I’ve just responded to your ticket with all the details you need. Apologies for the delay in our response, our office has been closed for the easter bank holiday weekend, here in the UK.

I’ll also contact Paddle and see if they can spot the cause.


I’ve had to use Paddle for a different purchase, and at renewal time I cancelled with the vendor, but Paddle has tried 5 times to get payment for the cancelled renewal.

I’ve told them, and told them, still they try.


As legally Paddle is the vendor (seller) and you’ve had a subscription service with them, did you cancel on Paddles website?

Yep, with Paddle and AdGuard, which was what the payment was for. (Recommended by the way, free as a Safari extension!)

They still sent reminders and requests after sending me this in an email.

Is Paddle worth the reputational damage?


Occurrences such as these are certainly unfortunate but technology like humans is imperfect. When technology lapses the frustration is magnified as we quite wrongly tend to assume technology simply just works. Though like when eating a cherry pie/pastry if we find a pit do we throw out the whole pie/pastry or simply just spit out the pit and keep eating with enjoyment. :—)

These issues can occur with any service or technology. Paddle is a great service and very reputable regarding what they do. But like any other they’re not absent of potential issue at times, such is life.