Is there a Link Box in Blocs?

Hello All!!

I’ve used Blocs 2 before and I loved it. However, about a year ago I made a horrible mistake and went to a PC. Now I’m back to a Mac and one of the main reasons was to be able to use Blocs again.

I designed a website using Webflow. One of the features it offered was a “Link Box.” It allowed me to set the size of the “Link Box,” then I could use a photo as the background and add text to it as well. The whole box acted like a big button.

Does something like this exist in Blocs??? Or do I need to create big buttons to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can just use a button bric and set its style to ‘none’ in the right side inspector settings, to eliminate the boostrap css, and then make a custom class to do what you want with it’s size, picture background, hover states, border box, text styling, shadow, etc. And use & set the ‘interaction’ in the right side inspector for where you want the link to go/do.

I think Webflow calls it a ‘Link Block’ and it’s just a word Webflow uses for essentially the same html / css functionality you get in Blocs. Don’t let the terminology mislead you from the fact that any no-code software interface is just a different graphical UI that generates the code…though, there are some functions that come pre-packaged or are included, or feasible with more coding skills, that each website builder offers which can make one more or less easier or robust to use, and responsive by design or if not will require extra effort to achieve a responsive result; and some users place a high priority on the quality of the code the UI generates, which is also a point of focus and selling point for the makers of the software.

Also, Blocs 3 is a big leap forward, if you haven’t upgraded yet, and very much worth the investment. There is also the new Blocs Store with lots of stuff to explore:

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Thank you, Daniel!

I really appreciate your response, I’ll take your advice and use a button brick with custom classes. I have upgraded to blocs 3 and have purchased some really cool stuff from the blocs store already.

One of the great things about using blocs is this forum and users like yourself who are willing to help out us “no coding skills” people.

Thanks again!

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Absolutely my pleasure…I received so much help myself on this forum that I enjoy paying it forward when I can. cheers!

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Works like a charm!! Thanks again Daniel!

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Almost any bric in Blocs can be used as a link. Just select it and apply an interaction in the properties panel. If you want rollover effects on your links, create a custom class and apply it to the object.

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