Issue/Bug with Template Library

Hey guys. I am having a problem with adding page templates to the Template Library in Blocs 3.2.0. I have designed multiple different pages that will be use in other projects.

What I do is select the page in the left sidebar, choose ‘Page > Add to Template Library’ from the main menu, choose all of the page settings and hit ‘Save’.

When I go to add a new page and navigate to the Template Library, all of the thumbnails are blank/white. When I select one, add a page name, and hit ‘Create’, nothing happens.

I have restarted Blocs to see if that changes anything, but it does not.

Can someone please help? Thanks.

One more thing I just noticed:

When I remove one of the page templates I just created, I get this message:

Are you sure you would like to permanently remove the (<null>) Page Template from your library?

So Blocs doesn’t even save the proper page name.