Issue with in app support - Now Fixed

We have recently rolled out some SSL certs across some of the Blocs pages, unfortunately it broke our in app support so emails havent been delivered from it for the last few days. If you have send in any support requests or bugs and didn’t get an auto response, we don’t have it. If you could please resent them, that would be appreciated.

Sorry about this, the issue is now resolved.

That escalated fast over a couple of hours, were people reporting this once in-app support was fixed? :fearful:

Just curious though, as new features are added won’t certain backwards compatibility always be present when opening those files in older versions of Blocs and the new features are absent? How or why does this differ?

@Blocs_User unfortunately the support error came at a time when reporting bugs in the beta is critical. It would be irresponsible to issue the update until more time is given to re-log potential issues.

It makes more sense to release it in the new year when the holidays are over too, so in the event of a potential show stopper I’m able to offer the best support. Believe it or not but I might take a few days off over Christmas :wink: