Issues with Menus & Dropdowns

I would appreciate someones help:

  1. I have added more courses to the courses tab on my website ( but not all of them show up when exported.

question 1 - is there a limit as to how many lines there are in a dropdown?

  1. As i kept losing some of the links from the drop down, i thought i would create a dropdown within a drop down (with an overarching name)

For example, instead of having the following come up in the initial drop down (because i lose some links):

tech faculty course
clinical faculty course
design and delivery

i created the title ’ faculty courses’ and drop down the 3 courses in there. but the styling is rubbish and look dreadful .

Question 2 - can we create a dropdown within a dropdown, or a menu that opens when selected from a dropdown.

As it looked awful i put it back to the original settings and deleted one of my courses, but NOW cannot get rid of a duplicate menu item (Technical Faculty Education) which is the same as Technical Faculty course.

The ‘Technical Faculty Education’ is NOT showing in the menu manager in blocs, but is showing on the site???

You can see that the Pharmacy link is NOT in the published site but is in the menu manager, and ive dropped the MEPA courses, its almost as though there is a limit on how many items i can have in a menu.

Ive checked all menus, its not there, ive cleared the browser cookies, history, cache, etc but its still there

Im a little stumped - any help is greatly appreciated.

Thats because they are being styled like the menu items at the top.

IMO this type of menu system isn’t the best when you have a lot of menu items.

If I were you, I would consider doing a mega menu. @Eldar has a video on how to do this within blocs. Or you can code it yourself with something like this as a guide.

Sadly i dont really have an option to do a mega menu because the style needs to match the brand it follows. As soon as i start moving away from that style i will get hammered by the comms team

Is there really a limit as to how many menu items you can have in one menu? @Norm

And is there no way that when you use a drop down, you cannot have another menu open from one of the items? @Norm @Eldar

Lots of websites have sub menus to their drop downs,

Yes it is possible and I have done it, however it is tricky to edit on the canvass, so you end up in the layer navigator scrolling through individual items before titles and links can be identified and edited.

Here is the mega menu video if you haven’t seen it

Try using the toggle to reveal feature. I’m not on my Mac to test but it should work.
To make it work for multiple menu items I would put them in a div and hide the div. giving the Div an ID.

so im just coming back to this again as its been a while due to this virus thingy.

So i never did find a solution, i cannot create a mega menu as the style of menu needs to be the same as it is now. But i don’t understand, is there a limit to how many items you can have in a drop down? why have the ability to do more than you can show? i don’t understand that? and i haven’t seen anywhere where it says this. I would like a larger (longer) drop down to be honest but failing a solution i may need to just go to one page and have selections on the page. not ideal and loses the brand i have but im not sure of another solution @Norm @Eldar

Sorry, it’s a little off topic, but how did you get your menu title to be so long and to not “return” to the next line? So for Caldwell Advantage - 7YEPP (see screenshot), I want it all on 1 one line not 3 separate lines.