It's almost 2024! - Why no sub-directories?

I know Blocs doesn’t allow you to create sub-directories, but why not? This seems incredibly simple and would allow for so much more flexibility with site structure on large sites. I don’t want to create separate sites for every directory as some have suggested. That creates a host of problems, not the least of which is that you have to use full URLs in everything and create templates to share CSS classes, etc. Come on, Blocs, I love your software, but this is a deal-breaker on large site development.

You can create custom page URLs which basically does the same thing, it’s been there since Blocs V5 was released.

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Re: custom page URLs - I don’t have support for those as I’m not aware of an api to get the path back to root - maybe you have one and I just missed it?


%pagePathLevel% – Page path prefix based on level e.g. (…/).

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Thanks @Norm for this. I must have missed this workaround when v5 came out. But I still wonder why the choice was made not to have a simple directory structure in the page panel. Changing the name of a directory now means having to change the page name in every page in that directory. When there’s twenty pages, that’s a hassle. It just seems clunky for such an otherwise easy program to use.

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