Hi Bloc fans.
I’m looking at adding an element (image with hotspots) that uses html and jQuery.
I know how to sort the html code, but what do I do with the jQuery; I dint know where to put it!

The general idea is this;
As used by blocs-user here

All help gratefully received.


Any clues Bloc fans?


Can’t help you here, bro. You try another way to use hot spots. I am not a pro jquery user. I’ve just used readymade solution, premade plugin…


From where? Don’t mind if it costs a few beans.
And is it easy to add to site?
Can’t find much help online that doesn’t confuse me.


Here is a link to plugin, bro:
You need jQuery version of this plugin for Blocs website, not WordPress version.
What can I say )) It’s easy to plug, but not so easy to modificate. So maybe I’m wrong )) In my project l’ve made many code modifications, such as changing the image of course, adding more hot points, changing its positioning on the screen, deleting all unwanted slides, text, buttons and customizing style to my own needs.


AFAIK, all generated pages have jquery already referenced.


It’s the hotspots I’m interested in


Is this plugin where you got the hotspot action from (on the car on your site)?


Well of you are ready to spend a little time poking around with js
i would suggest you to give this a try

ofc you will need to edit multiple documents in order to make it work for your needs
but if you a re already familiar with coding this shouldn’t make you worry about
it also affers the possibility to use it in admin mode, which will let any visitor add its own hotspot whit indications,
though i dont think its your case now, but can give you other ideas on the different possibilities to use this plugin.
have fun


Thanks y’all.
I paid a few quid to CodeCanyon for a plugin to save time.
All I need now is time to learn where add add the code into the page (looks easy), where to add jQuerie (not a clue) and add it to an image of one of my kitchens.
I’ll pass on what I learn and if I can, share incase anybody’s interested.
Thanks, Andy


Exectly, it is ))