Just downloaded Blocs 4.3.2.beta - the background image doesn't show

When I click on View on Safari/Chrome the hero background image is blank. Everything else is there but the background image.

Please advise

Are you applying this via a custom class? It sounds like something I have been seeing.

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No, I haven’t used a custom class. But I think I’ve solved the problem by removing the image from the Asset Manager and then adding it again from my website’s resource folder.

The same thing has solved I for me, then I might come back a couple months later and the hero image is missing again, however it is evident in edit mode as well. I am wondering if it is the same bug and using a custom class was incidental. In my case I think I’ve only seen this so far in projects that started life in Blocs 3, then worked on in Blocs 4. It’s not the end of the world, but it shouldn’t be happening. @Norm

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Its been a recurring bug in my experience for sure.

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