Kualo - a superb web host

After many years of struggling with an increasingly dysfunctional GoDaddy, I’ve today switched to Kualo.

I came across them when looking for free hosting for a charity website I’m building.

I have to say, their customer service is AMAZING.

They are SO inexpensive - their cheapest option, SOLO, gives a free SSL Certificate and 10 email addresses at a fraction of the cost of GoDaddy.

And… my website loads INSTANTLY. Way faster than it ever did with GoDaddy.

I am SO happy. Hence all the CAPS, I don’t normally shout. :smiley:

(No remuneration is received or expected for this unapologetically positive tip.)

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I had hosting with Kualo for about a year after switching from a VPS to shared hosting. Their customer service is excellent, but I found there were patches of unreliability that I wasn’t happy about, so I eventually switched to Guru and no regrets. Without a doubt though I’d pick Kualo over GoDaddy any day.

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Well, I’ll keep an eye on that, tho my website isn’t exactly critical! One other thing that’s lightning quick is email from my website, GoDaddy’s typically takes a minute or more, Kualo’s about 5 seconds.

Hope you’re well and keeping busy @Flashman and GURU still being good to you :slightly_smiling_face:. Believe they had 1 hour emergency maintenance yesterday.

I checked and I was with Kualo for just under two years. They would go well for a month or two, then out of the blue there would be periods where it was off-line every day over a week for 5-10 minutes or really slow for periods during the day. I was on Hector, which I gather had more problems than some servers. A few of my clients were on Mercutio that seemed less problematic.

Kualo were always super helpful and if it wasn’t for that I would have left long before, but at a certain point I looked at the number of support tickets I’d filed to chase up issues and realised it was taking up too much of my time. Downtime affects your Seo, but worse than that it’s a guaranteed lost sale if a client visits your site and it’s offline.

Guru seem more targeted at professionals and they tend to be popular with web designers. They are helpful, but seem to assume a certain level of understanding in the answers they give. I have found the sites faster and I can’t really fault them for reliability. I have two servers with them and I don’t think there has been more than a minute of downtime between the two in the last 18 months.

I still recommend that clients register their web domains with Kualo because they have a super easy interface and I know they will be helpful if they ever have questions, but then I host the sites at Guru.

@Brocky120 I have about 30 sites either in active production or theoretically due to start in the near future, so I rarely finish before midnight. Progress is actually a bit slow on a lot of these sites because clients seem to be back peddling on completion since the virus started.

I saw there was going to be some scheduled maintenance at Guru but I assume my sites were OK, otherwise I would have received some notifications from one of the monitoring sites I use. How is your work going?

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Thats great, glad to hear you are keeping busy mate. Yeah its had a knock-on effect to just about every human being on the planet!

I think I had an email from them last night.


This is a notice for EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE on the GURU Cloud Reseller Platform.
In order to prevent future issues we need to change some of the underlying virtual hardware for your server 'grh19.myukcloud.com'.

Perhaps you are on a different server!. Extremely busy my end, struggling to cope at the minute, so I am currently doing 16 hours days, I keep thinking to myself I am catching up, but it’s still getting ahead of me!

Stay well mate and chat soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I’m on number 35, so sounds like it was just yours. It’s also possible they are making changes one at a time.

The long hours are definitely not good and I have to pace myself, making sure there is enough time for exercise and the rest. One good thing is that clients have been a lot less pushy, so while there has been a pile of work I’m actually less stressed than this time last year when I only had about six sites to do. A large part of the reason is that I am receiving a lot less emails asking silly questions that suck up my time.

One good move during the lockdown was to buy a new computer and reorganise my work area, so it’s just a better environment to spend time in now with less clutter etc. Highly recommended when you have the time!

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One other thing… I’ve just done my first FTP and cannot believe the speed… about 10 seconds with Kualo, instead of a minute or more with GoDaddy.

And that’s after spending SO long with GoDaddy ‘help’ trying different server addresses.

Wasted years…

I just :heart: Kualo!