Large project

Can you help me, I made a lot of website with Blocs (great !!) but my last website it takes a long time to save. Some I get a error message that there is no responding from Blocs ?
The website is saved, but it take very long, by all my other website are going well and aren’t large.
My last project file is 5,12 GB big !!!
I ready don’t why…
I allready removed all the assest that I don’t use, no video’s are in the project and al my photo’s are resized.

regards Menno


That is quite a big project file. It may be worth checking those image sizes again. I run my images through ImageOptim before adding them to the project. It maybe that you’ve previously added larger versions to the project and not removed them entirely from the asset manager.

If your site has many pages, it may be worth breaking down the site into logical sections and creating a site for each section. This means you will have a number of smaller sites sitting in directories of your main domain. This keeps project files within acceptable size limits and can often make it simpler to update your site as it can be done in sections rather than dealing with one large project file each time. Here is an example of how a large site could be broken down:

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Someone had a similar issue not long ago. Try saving as a new file somewhere else to see if that helps.

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