Larger SEO description field

I’d like to see a bigger window for the seo description so all 160 characters can be seen at the same time. At the moment it’s slightly awkward, since there is not even a scroll bar on the side.

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I agree this needs changing - Google officially changed the “meta description” length to 320 characters back in Dec 2017, breaking the old “155 character limit”. Most SEO experts recommend “SEO Description” lengths of about 300 characters

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Yes…and I’d like to see the
Title above
Not only in this dialog box but in the page code …
With Keywords tag below that or either gone because the Keyword tag is deprecated. It has no bearing on your SEO at all.

And you CAN go longer …both in the Title and Description tags. It is seen …It just doesn’t show up in the SERP.

If it is 300+ characters nowadays the current description arrangement really needs an update @Norm. I think the window should be big enough to cater for that without ever losing sight of text areas, because it just makes sense being able to see everything you are writing.

There are also limits for page titles of around 60 characters I believe and it would be good to see the count for that as well. As a humble suggestion, we could ditch the pointless keywords window to make more space.

EDIT: Since we’re looking at the page settings, how about a global site wide option for the language and page file type, so it doesn’t have to be chosen every time.

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Just remember the limit is a “guide” …a good one too but it’s still okay to go a few characters beyond the 60-80 character limit.

Sure I understand that. I’d still like a number there so I can see as I am typing without having to manually count every time. I was the one who originally pushed for a character count with the SEO description and I gather it was pretty easy for Norm to include. If I recall correctly it was released within a day!

These additions would be good along with a site map generator that would include at least image site map…video site map …Perfect!
I’ve been doing SEO 20 years for large and small companies. Hilton and others. If what I did didn’t deliver I’d be kicked out my behind.:grinning:

I had one client 8 years ago challenge me if what you do works (and no…no black hat stuff!) you take a percentage of our increase in business . Here’s what I got…

I would like the option to turn off the sitemap completely, since I use a product called Integrity Pro that currently produces more detailed sitemaps than Blocs, including images and PDF pages etc.

In an ideal world I’d also like to see options for structured data, along with Twitter cards and FaceBook Open Graph.

Yes…maybe a good option for more expert people.
I like the option idea. But providing as much as possible an “all in one solution” for most users the app seems to be targeted at would be ideal. Boutique options can be left up to third party dev.

Also, @Norm ability to copy the SEO description and Keywords when page is copied :slight_smile: or something like a global SEO option


How would that help? Surely all pages should have different descriptions etc.

Yah I know but on some instances for example page two of the site you’re working on with same description and keywords

That should never be…it would seen as “duplicate content” …you could check search console from Google to verify …if it is truly a second page.

I’m talking about SEO Description and SEO Keywords not the SEO Title. Hahaha

Yes the description tag is generally the one that Google displays below the title in SERPS …using the Keywords tag in Bing presents a good possibility of hurting your SERP.
It works like this

On page title: Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits
Title Tag : Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits
Description Tag: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Have Health Benefits?
Keywords Meta Tag…leave it blank…they don’t do diddly.

Don’t duplicate any of this on another page.
If you have and image title it apple-cider-vinegar-health-benefits.jpg
Caption close by…People just like you are discovering the many benefits of apple cider vinegar …and so on. Don’t repeat this over and over in sentences.
There is so much more to know. Just like in Design …you can’t tell someone a few design rules about complimentary colors, rule if thirds and the power of negative space…great that’s all I need to know about design…
I teach this stuff…can’t you tell…:grinning::grinning:

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You really don’t get it hahahahaha

What I mean is that when you duplicate a page on Blocs it can copy the page’s SEO Description and SEO Keywords instead of doing a copy paste on this part.

NOT reapeating or copying the Title text same as the description and keywords that you’re implying right now hahahaha

Adobe Muse had this Global Website SEO for Description and Keywords

Maybe if you show an example…:grinning: