Layer tree and settings panel on the right: let the user adjust the width of the panel

I find myself spending a lot of time trying to get around usability issues in Blocs. For example: the classes section in the blocs settings panel at the right. If you make custom classes with long names (my-custom-button-blue—etc), it is hard to delete the class, because in most cases the (X) to the right is not visible. So I have to use the backspace key. Add to this the fact that some items have 3 or 4 custom classes, editing and deleting things starts to get pretty cumbersome.

My wish: make BOTH the layer tree and the properties panel adjustable - like Photoshop does. Give the user the choice if he wants a properties panel that’s really wide, or a layer tree that’s really narrow, etc.

In general, I would like to see future updates of Blocs concentrate on interface improvements instead of adding more new features.


Improvements for interface customisation are in the works.

It also looks like you have scroll bars forced on the UI, the deleting class issue is not a problem when scroll bars are allowed to naturally hide after use.


Thanks Norm for the tip! I can’t find anything in the preferences regarding forcing / not forcing Scrollbars in the UI. Can you give me a tip as to where I can turn this off?

I guess, Norm is referring to a general Mac OS preference here:

System preferences -> General

You can toggle the visibilty of scroll bars.

This will affect all apps.

Thanks, I changed the setting and solved the problem :metal: