Layout problem

Hi All,
Happy, healthy 2022 to everyone!

As with the screenshot in include here, I’ve got a bit of mental block in resolving what I’m expecting is a pretty simple problem.

The screenshot shows part of a page which was intended to have alternating left and right photos which met corner to corner. Instead, I have ended up with, effectively, a small white vertical gutter which separates the photos (and also at left and right of the page). (I realise that the occasional horizontal gutter is determined by the quantity of text opposite the photo. That I can fix!)
Can anyone advise me, please, how I can set the photos corner to corner?
All responses appreciated.

Just uncheck: “Include Gutters”. Alternatively, you could add the image as a background as well.

Hi @Jerry,
Thanks for your fast reply. That solves my problem.
…combined with making sure that all the photos were the same width. Turned out I had one at 985px, the rest at 949px, which didn’t help!
The page now looks as I wanted it.