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I just wanted to share an update on Blocs Master. As you might know, Blocs Master is a series of video courses designed to help users learn how to use Blocs.

There are currently 3 courses available.

1. Getting Started with Blocs - a free course, which includes 14 easy to follow videos, designed to help users understand the basics of using Blocs.

2. Build a website with Blocs - a series of 24 detailed videos, covering every single step you have to take to build a multi-page website in Blocs. This is the website I am building in these videos.

3. Blocs Core Training - a series of detailed videos, explaining the different aspects of using Blocs. At the moment, there are about 25 videos covering the basics, buttons, panels, and icons, but I will add more videos and update the available ones in the coming weeks and months.

The users who have signed up for Blocs Master before can access all courses.

To learn more, visit Blocs Master website.


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Thank you Eldar. These videos are a great way to learn more about Blocs. I think breaking up the blocs master courses will help users of all skill level master Blocs.

I find the Core Training videos very helpful. I can find detailed videos on how to use and customize elements in Blocs. I’ve already watched a lot of them and for 44.95 with lifetime updates I think it’s a bargain. I’m looking forward to more of the videos in the Blocs Core Training series.


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Thank you for your kind words!
I am working very hard to make sure that the quality of videos will only improve in the future!


3-5. Icon - Using the interaction settings … Toggle Visibility …? Oh, so that’s what that does …! :slight_smile:

The design of elements you show add sparkle to webpages, tricks of the trade for a novice.

Getting familiar and up to speed, yes.

More, please. T’anks …!

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The Gumroad videos are not loading into a Vivaldi, Safari, Chrome

browser. The first Promo Code text page file can be accessed but not any video files. A glitch at Gumroad, I thunk.

Hey @Kurt,

I just checked it in Safari and the videos load fine for me.
Can you refresh the page and check again? Maybe it was a temporary issue with Gumroad site.

I restarted my computer; all is well.

Three browsers were affected, always a blank black screen and no triangle to tick and begin a video, and still only a guess Flash being responsible for the downtime.

Difficult to quickly pinpoint and thus quickly rectify a problem such as this. So many “moving parts” with the computer experience.

So it goes.

Ok, let me know if there will be any other problem.

@Eldar your form block on the demo website looks pretty nice! Well done!

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@Marc_Heinze Thanks!