LG UltraFine 4k or 5k Displays

Anyone using the LG UltraFine 4k or 5k displays that Apple are selling?

Im interested in your experience. Also any other suggestions for an alternative USB-C Monitor that will also power a MacBook Pro 16".

I use a 5K Display with my iMac 27". My only reason for buying it: it has the same brightness (500 nits) as the Mac. I tried various others displays and none of them could provide the same brightness. As I am using them side-by-side this is important. Of course I love the fact, that I have the same display resolution, so I do not have to shrink windows by dragging it to the LG screen.

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If you don’t want to have a permanent noise from your fans running at full speed when your MPB16 is connected to an external monitor, do some researches before. There are tons of topics about that. (I don’t say these monitors are bad, i dunno) but from what i’ve got spending hours on that, you have to look at a monitor which can handle 60hz resolution (you can manage that with a little software SwitchResX) also a USBC, Thunderboldt or DisplayPort connection only (more native, less conversion tasks).
If that can helps.

I use a 16” with an external display every day. Apart from early on (fixed with an update) when I brought it last year I haven’t had any fan noise issues.

I’m just looking at upgrading to something with more parity.

Thanks @Fuellemann brightness and resolution are two things I’m weighing up. Colour consistency is big for me too. At present it’s very noticeable working with 2 different displays.

I just purchased the Dell U2720Q to pair with MBP 16”. I love the charging from monitor connection, (previously had dual U2718Q. No noise, running clamshell most of the time. Monitor have 4 usb 3.0 ports, so network adapter and some other accessories stay connected…


Oh nice, thanks @cwall6, my current display is a Dell, and I have been really happy with it.

The Apple charger for the MacBook Pro is 96w, did you find any charging issues under full load?

Yes, nice advice. I’m also looking for a new monitor for the MBP16 as i use my old 2010 27’ iMac. So good so far… Anyhow i just placed an order for this one.
Thanks )

I have had no issues so far… The only time I really stress the laptop is running Premiere Pro or Photoshop, but then not much - and charge value seems to always show 100% when plugged in. Well, when I run clamshell I hate having to log in the old fashion way (vs finger print)! I really wanted the 32" (U3119Q) as it had the same charging capacity, but saved the extra money for something else.

Visually I can’t run 4K and see anything (too damn small), so I run it scaled at 3008x1692, which is the middle option for scaled resolution on my macboook pro 16.

I always try to buy somewhere with a generous return policy as you have to like your display or you won’t be happy… On this one I ordered and was concerned.